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Mini Tumbling

(Ages 4 - 6 Yrs Old)

Basic tumbling/gymnastics class for our younger age group. This class will get your energetic child to move, flip, and have tons of fun!

Level 1

(Ages 7 - 18)

This class is for beginners - intermediate kids. They learn everything from handstands and cartwheels, to back and front walkovers and round offs and start back hand spring drills. A perfect class for kids who want to start learning or want to really master their basics and have fun while doing it!

Level 2

(Ages 7 - 18)

Level 1 Skills Mastered Required

This intermediate/advanced tumbling class is great for kids that are ready to take their training to the next level. They will learn everything from back hand springs, back tucks, layouts, to full/double twisting layouts.

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